UW–Madison Course with Barson and Rodriguez

Afro Yaqui Music Collective portrait

Artivism: Intercultural Solidarity & Decolonizing Performance

Course: Integrated Arts 310 & 610/Asian American Studies 240/Music 497
Day/Time: Monday & Wednesday | 3:30-5:10 pm
Location: 249 Lathrop Hall

Credits: 3 | Prereq: None

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Description: This course will investigate the theory, practice, multidisciplinary and intercultural concepts connected with the recent jazz opera, Mirror Butterfly: The Migrant Liberation Movement Suite. The work is highly interdisciplinary, rooted in theories of history and social change, and above all, is modular in structure and scope. The intention is to grow from the intersection of local knowledge and local creativity where it is staged and re-interpreted. This course will guide and inspire students to participate in the construction of a new performance module of Mirror Butterfly.

The course objective is that students leave with an expanded vision of how art can bring marginalized communities together to articulate a concrete and actionable plan for change in their communities and in the world at-large. Students will experience how dialogic art can be life-altering, in its communal generation and re-creation. The course counts towards the Chican@ and Latin@ Studies (CLS) certificate! Contact your advisor.

Image courtesy of the artist.

If you have any questions about the course, please contact iarp@arts.wisc.edu.