About the Artist

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Michele Byrd-McPhee is the founder and Executive Director of Ladies of Hip-Hop. Byrd-McPhee has been working for many years to re-contextualize spaces and conversation of Hip-Hop culture along gender, sex, cultural and socio-historical and racial lines for decades. She also situates the arts and dance techniques in spaces that honor and acknowledge their roots and the many creative pioneers who have shaped them. This is especially important given the ways in which Black dance has been co-opted into studio appropriation –  given its community cultural origins.

Michele Byrd-McPhee earned her BS from Temple University and an MS in Nonprofit Arts Management from Drexel University. She has also spent the last 10  years working as a production coordinator at Brooklyn Academy of Music and then as a Senior Music Coordinator at Late Night with Seth Meyers. She also currently serves as the Chief Strategic and Artistic Advisor for It’s Showtime NYC!, besides her ongoing commitment to the Ladies of Hip- Hop Festival.

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