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About the Artist

Stuart Flack is playwright, producer, social entrepreneur, and policy researcher who explores incorporating complex data into live performance.


Join Stuart at “Devising Work for the Stage: A Playwriting Workshop.”

Aspiring playwrights can learn to write a 10-minute play at Stuart’s “Quick Theatre Workshop.”

Learn more about Stuart’s project What Color is __?, a Wisconsin Science Festival event, by watching the video “Data visualization with color blocks.”

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Guest artists Marcia Miquelon and Jacob Mills will conduct a series of workshops as part of Stuart’s class and provide mentorship for students as they prepare for the final event!

Stuart Flack will teach a semester-long course in the fall of 2018 titled “Performing Information: Exploring Data through Live Performance.”

Download the course flyer (PDF).

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Upcoming Events

There are no upcoming events at this time.


Read “WSB-Hosted Artist in Residence Coaches Students to Blend Art and Information,” courtesy of the Wisconsin School of Business

View photos of the Wisconsin Science Festival in “A hands-on exploration of science.”

Learn more about Stuart’s work with LEGOs in this The Cap Times interview.

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