About the Artist

Litza Bixler is a choreographer, filmmaker, movement director, visual artist, and writer. She has produced work on stage, screen, galleries, and mountains. Bixler works across the spheres of art, performance, and film, and has been a working artist and educator since 1995.


  • Bodies, Borders & Belonging is a multimedia collaborative exhibition created by students enrolled in this semester’s Interdisciplinary Arts Residency course. Read more.
  • Litza was a guest on Cinematalk, the UW Cinematheque’s podcast, to discuss her collaborations with Edgar Wright and the influence of Metropolis on her work. The episode is now available!
  •  Watch a video series interviews with Liza previewing her course, “Creativity, Collaboration and the Creation of Self.”

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“Creativity, Collaboration and the Creation of Self” is a 3-credit course (Integrated Arts 310/610) that will be presented in two parts. The first part examines creativity in context. The second part explores creative collaboration and will culminate in a public (or virtual) exhibition of films and images. There is also a 1-credit option (Integrated Arts 330) that is focused on creativity and the self.

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