About the Artist

Litza Bixler is a choreographer, filmmaker, movement director, visual artist, and writer. She has produced work on stage, screen, galleries, and mountains. Bixler works across the spheres of art, performance, and film, and has been a working artist and educator since 1995.


  • Litza will be a guest on Cinematalk, the UW Cinematheque’s podcast, to discuss her collaborations with Edgar Wright and the influence of Metropolis on her work. The episode will be available on Thursday, March 4.
  •  Watch a video series interviews with Liza previewing her course, “Creativity, Collaboration and the Creation of Self.”

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“Creativity, Collaboration and the Creation of Self” is a 3-credit course (Integrated Arts 310/610) that will be presented in two parts. The first part examines creativity in context. The second part explores creative collaboration and will culminate in a public (or virtual) exhibition of films and images. There is also a 1-credit option (Integrated Arts 330) that is focused on creativity and the self.

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